Why Some Cam Girls Make Big Money

If you’re just getting started in the camming business, it’s very likely that you’ve noticed that there are quite a few cam girls who seem to make serious bank when they broadcast. Some of them are active on sites like MFC and Chaturbate, while others do their thing on sites like Streamate or Naked.com. They all have a few things in common, which every cam model should try to emulate.


Number one trait they all have in common is that they all try their best to broadcast every day, which allows them to create a large following of regulars. Having a ton of regulars means that you will be tipped often, get taken private a lot, and be given gifts frequently. This is really how you start making the great money as a cam girl. You really need to cam regularly, so that guys won’t forget you and will have the opportunity to strengthen a bond with you.

Next big thing successful cam models have in common is that they all talk a lot. Top models are all about chatting and sharing with their viewers. That’s how these guys get to know them, and the friendships that result from this level of interaction is what makes the big tipping possible. You have to remember that chatting and being friendly are super important.

Another thing is that most top cam models focus on one site and pour all of their efforts into it. If you’re camming at 3 or 4 different sites and scattering your focus, you’re never going to develop a strong following of fans at any one site. That means you’ll never develop that army of regulars and you’ll never pull down the huge tips.

Lastly, all the major cam girls who make the major money know that you should never take a long break from camming. Going away for several weeks and then coming back expecting that your fans will all be there ready to love you again is foolish. Most likely what will happen is that they will have forgotten about you and have moved on to their next cam crush. Don’t let this happen to you!

How to be a top cam girl.

So these are the basic traits of a top cam girl. If you keep all these points in mind, you too might make it into the ranks of the mega bank cammers!


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